One year, Palmoer, who loves art very much, went to Sicily of Italy. He was attracted by everything there,
including the artistic atmosphere and the charming scenery. So he decided to stay in Sicily and develop his
art career there.
He met his wife by chance. They start a small workshop to make household products in order to earn their living after married. Mrs. Palmoer was intelligent and smart and Palmoer was a brilliant artist, all the products
in their workshop are well designed by Palmoer and made by his wife manually.
Palmoer liked to go out and search for some inspiration and get the essence from it on both fashion art
and realistic life. In his opinion, he thought that the houseware are not just houseware only, the products
can also be full of artistic appeal, thus Palmoer start to design products that to be full of artist atmosphere. Gradually, the products sell very well and became more and more well-known. Afterwards, he registered the products with the brand name of ARSTO.
The name of ARSTO comes from the words of art and artist which means artistic, artful, good quality
ARSTO entered Chinese market in year 2006, the year of Italy in China, hoping to bring the art to the life of the consumers in China.
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